Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World 

A collection of stories about female scientists who were curious about science and acted on their curiosity in a variety of areas. For example, Maria Sibylla Merian was a scientific illustrator and entomologist who studied insects at a time when people thought insects were disgusting (1600s). She collected insects at first to learn about them and eventually published a book about metamorphosis. That is, she identified the relationship between caterpillars and butterflies at a time when no woman had ventured to such topics! Another story was about Elizabeth Blackwell, a doctor in 1800s. Elizabeth learned about medicine because her friend who passed away mentioned that it would be nice to have a female doctor.

The anthologies have beautiful art work, are great for sharing different types of job aspirations one can hold. As such, this book is great for children 8-10, but you can certainly explain the stories and concepts to younger readers as well!

In addition, the author and publisher have similar topics: Women in Sports and Women in Art!

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